Angry Tamannaah Bhatia Lashes Out At Her Director Over Sexist Comments

South Indian director Suraaj, who’s known for films like Moovendhar,Padikathavan has been receiving a lot of criticism for his sexist and misogynist remarks on heroines.

In a recent interview to an independent YouTube channel, Suraaj went on the record saying that heroines should act in glamorous roles as they receive ‘remuneration’ for that. Adding fuel to the fire, Suraaj also said that heroines have to ‘satisfy’ the B and C centres by wearing short clothes.

“If the costume designer comes to me with the heroine’s clothes covering up to the knee, I would strictly order them to shorten the length. I don’t mind even if my heroine is not happy or comfortable, but I insist and get it done. This is because audiences pay money to see the heroines in such clothes,” said director Suraj.

Not one to stop at that, he had further proceeded to elaborate on his disgustingly misgonystic and sexist rant, saying, “Let heroines show their acting abilities in television serials. When it comes to commercial films, they are paid only to provide the required sizzle to the money paying audiences,” he added.

This didn’t go down too well with his leading lady from his latest film, kathi sandai- Tamannaah Bhatia, who took to her Twitter to express her displeasure and asking for an apology from her director.

On the other hand, Nayanathara, who has nothing to do with what Suraj spoke – On Tamannaah’s clothes in Kaththi Sandai, the actress has decided to stand up for all other heroines who has come across in very bad light for this nasty comment of the director.

“How can a responsible person from film industry make such a crass and cheap comment? Who is Suraj to say such a derogative statement against heroines? Does he think that heroines are strippers who will come and shed their clothes just because they are paid money? Will he dare to speak such things about working women in his family?,” said angry Nayanathara.

Watch the Suraj’s Interview below:

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