Two Moviegoers Arrested In Hyderabad Multiplex Theater For Not Standing During National Anthem

Two arrested for not standing during national anthem in theatre.

Two persons were arrested in Hyderabad for not standing up for the national anthem inside an INOX theater, kachiguda. After noticing the two men not standing for national anthem, polcie were called up into the theater in kachiguda.

A journalist, Sampath – who was in the theater made the complaint that two patrons Syed Safeer Hussain and Mohammed Ilyas, allegedly refused to stand up for the national anthem. The police arrived in the middle of the film and took Hussaini and Ilyas to the police station.

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“The police were reluctant to show us under which section we have been booked in the FIR,” Hussain said”.

“We were also not allowed to call their families and were instructed to switch their mobile phones off. We were booked under Section 3 of Prevention of Insult to National Honours Act, 1971, which deals with intentionally preventing the singing of the national anthem or disrupting someone engaged in singing it. It carries a sentence of up to 3 years in jail and/or fine,” added Hussain.

According to the report, 30-year-old Hussaini had been working in Australia for several years and had temporarily come to India for his wedding and was scheduled to head back soon after.

“Though I was about to stand during the national anthem, I heard someone behind me shouting, ‘arrey… arrey’. When I heard him shout, I was really annoyed and didn’t stand,” said Hussain.

“I just want to know this – if it is punishable to not stand up during the national anthem, then shouting during the national anthem should also be a crime, right? I too can file a case against him”, added Hussaini.

After a hearing on November 30, Supreme court has declared that all cinema halls to play the national anthem prior to all movie screenings and for all in the audience to stand for that duration.

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