Apple Manufacturing In India On Talks Again

Yet again, the news that Apple is all set to manufacture iPhones and other Apple gadgets in India is doing rounds. Since the time Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visited India earlier this year, the news has been making rounds on and off.

In a letter last month, the phone maker had written to the government about its plan to come to India and also sought financial incentives to move ahead, said two government officials privy to the information.

The Indian smartphone market is booming and it is expected to overtake the US by next year as the world’s second-largest behind China, according to research firm IDC.

“Apple wants to emulate its China model in India,” said one of the officials with direct knowledge of the matter. “The company wants financial incentives, which the concerned government departments are looking into,” the official said.

The company in January had sought government permission to open its own stores in India. The government in June loosened foreign direct investments (FDI) in several sectors, saying foreign owned single-brand retailers such as Apple could open stores provided they purchase at least 30 percent of their manufacturing materials from Indian vendors after three years.

You might be wondering, what can a apple user can gain if Apple starts manufacturing in India. Well, there are alot, listing below some of the possibilities:

Cheaper iPhone
Live Apple Stores
Better Availability
No international purchases.

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