Four-Old-Boy From UK Uses Apple’s Siri To Save His Mother’s Life

Roman, 4 year old boy uses Siri to save his mother's life to reach out to emergency services.

The police pointed out that the incident highlighted the need to teach children how to use technology to contact emergency services, and how to call the police when a situation arises where urgent assistance is needed.

A four year old boy in south London used Siri wisely in order to save his mother’s life.

It all happened in Croydon area of the city where a four-old-boy Roman found his mother gasping for breath and he eventually unlocked his mother’s iPhone by pressing her finger on the home button, and then used Siri to call emergency services. Paramedics and police rushed to the location, and were able to provide life saving first aid to his mother.

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Siri, the voice assistant in the Apple iPhone, was used by the boy to dial 999, which is the official emergency number across the United Kingdom.

Listen Raman’s conversation with 999 operative below:

This is not the first instance that Siri has been used to save a life. Earlier too Siri helped in reaching out to emergency services.

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