After Salesforce Walksaway, No One is Showing Interest In Buying Little Bird – Twitter

Twitter is having a rough journey through this sea of compete social networking. From the last year itself, Twitter is struggling with keeping the users happy and at the same time gain some profit. But due to some bad decisions and strategies, both sales and number of users are declining.

This dire situation made Twitter desperate for a buy out. With various rumors about potential buyers like Disney, Microsoft, Verizon, Google, and Salesforce looking towards Twitter, It was confirmed that someone will protect this little blue bird.

But all that beliefs changed when almost every company hesitated to take a step forward. With Apple, Google and Disney out of the picture form the beginning, Verizon dismissed the speculation of a bid. And as Microsoft has no interest to enter into social networking as it always bought LinkedIn, the sole buyer left that is Salesforce said that the company has “walked away” from the bid.

What this means is that Twitter has no buyer left and it is on its own. It must develop a strategy to come out of this slow downfall.

With a meeting with investors that will happen soon where Twitter has to show the revenues and expenses, it must tread carefully to not disrupt its investors too who lost their interest.

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